Feng Shui House Facing & Sitting Direction


Feng Shui House – Every house includes a facing and house direction.

The facing direction may be the orientation from the facing of the home measured in degree. The sitting direction is definitely magnetically opposite the facing. Therefore if a home is facing 5 deg then your sitting is 185 deg.

Why do vital that you find out the house sitting and house facing properly, Feng Shui House? Most Feng Shui system utilize either the sitting or facing direction (plus additional factors) to look for the qi distribution inside a house. If one makes an incorrect assessment of the home facing or house sitting, then your subsequent recommendation is going to be incorrect, let Feng Shui House work for our house and make it better .

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In many houses the facing and sitting are simple to identify,  its need a Feng Shui House . In some instances however, it may be quite tricky however when you have been in doubt, you should use the next recommendations to look for the house sitting and house facing.

The primary entrance is often the facing.

The home address usually matches the facing.

Visitors are usually heavier in the facing.

The bigger home windows are often in the facing.

The family room is generally in the facing side of the home.

The rear-lane is generally match the sitting.

The backyard is often the sitting.

The orientation from the primary door could be not the same as the facing of the home (more about this within the next article). Please be aware that in systems such as the Eight Mansion and Flying Star, the sitting or facing of the home can be used to look for the qi distribution from the chart, not the orientation from the primary door. Many people are unclear about this, Feng Shui House!

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