How To Make Minimalist Design of The Bathroom


Minimalist Design of your bathroom is perfect for those who do not have enough space in your house but you have to build your big bathroom. You don’t have to be worry, here are interesting tips that you can apply in your home if you are planning to make a bathroom on tiny space. But, you do not worry because with these tips you can still fill your bathroom with a variety of tools and equipment you need, as well as the interior design of your bathroom will still look attractive and spacious.

First of all you have to do is to install the sink in the corner of your bathroom. If you install the sink in the middle of the small bathroom, it will make a trouble with your mobility  in the bathroom.  It could be your foot to kick the sink when you walk quickly. Tip two is to use the shower curtain.  By installing the curtain will be more efficient with the door. In the small bathroom if you put on the door, then the will make a trouble with something else in the bathroom, or you will feel very stiff flick through the door in small space. Tips number three; you should also consider the design of the small bathroom by the use of large-scale patterns on the interior design of your bathroom. Although your small bathroom, you should not forget the beauty of the design of the bathroom. Use of large-scale patterns, such as line width, can be deceiving our point of view as if seeing a big room.

Minimalist Design for bathroom, tips number four is to extend the mirror. In a small space, you can choose to install a mirror which is divided into two sides that allows two people to use it at once. Tips number five; try to put a towel on the door. You put up some sort of nickel or aluminum behind the door If your bathroom space is minimal, the installation of the towels in the bathroom door would be very useful. You may need to store towels else you are in the closet, but with a dry towel nearby and ready for use at any time are very important. Tips to-six, you need to be observant to pick sink. Try installing the sink is elongated and not flared. Sink that has the characteristics of a narrow but elongated is the perfect solution because not too take your shower room.

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Tips number seven is to choose a dressing table with a rack which is small bathroom design that you should not miss. This is a smart solution to still be ornate but do not need large space of room. You can place various types of fittings such as toilet tissue, facial wash, body wash, etc. on this rack. It also will make your bathroom look very neat. Tips number eight you need to consider using tap on the wall. Installing tap on the wall allows you to use the sink narrow because it does not need to be installed on the sink. Do not be afraid to try faucet wall in traditional design. It actually has a very high aesthetic side of the installation of faucets in general. So that are eight quick tips on how to design a small bathroom but still can accommodate many things or equipment’s and the bathroom will look bigger than it actually. I hope article is useful for you. keep reading this blog. So let’s make a bathroom with minimalist design.

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